Press Release from POST Research Institute

Tracing Multiculturalism in Cyprus: Journey into the history of Famagusta

Nicosia, February 6th, 2011: POST Research Institute (POST RI), together with teachers, educators and students, continued its endeavors to explore the multiculturalism of Cyprus, with a historical tour within the fascinating walled city of Famagusta on Saturday 5th of February 2011.

POST Research Institute conducted the tour under the auspices of its project, “Tours for Peace”, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Teachers’ Platform “United Cyprus” (Greek Cypriot Section).

This tour was the second activity organized under the “Tours for Peace” project, following the successful tour in Nicosia on 15th January 2011, in which over 40 participants from across Cyprus spent the day discovering the multicultural history of this divided city.

The day began at 09.30am on Saturday, where the tour bus departed from Ledra Palace checkpoint to head to Famagusta. In Famagusta, members of the “Mağusa Suriçi Derneği”(MASDER) welcomed participants to Famagusta and provided them with brochures about the Walled City. Participants and organizers then introduced themselves to each other and the guided tour then began.

This tour aimed at taking participants into a historical and cultural journey of Famagusta, focusing on the multicultural aspects of this fascinating city. The stories and information provided by the experienced guide, brought alive the renowned historical sights of Famagusta and allowed participants to be taken back in history!

POST Research Institute would like to thank all participants of the “Tours for Peace” project, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot Teachers’ Platform “United Cyprus” and is being funded by the UNDP-ACT/ USAID through the “ENGAGE” project, executed by the NGO Support Centre and The Management Centre.

POST Araştırma Enstitüsü Basın Açıklaması

Mağusa’daki Barış Turu Tamamlandı

5 Şubat 2011, Lefkoşa: POST Araştırma Enstitüsü’nün Mağusa’da gerçekleştirdiği ikinci barış turu bugün yapıldı.

Mağusa Surlariçi’nin çokkültürlülüğünü öğretmenler, eğitmenler ve tarihseverlerle birlikte paylaşmak ve tartışmak için, 5 Şubat 2011, Cumartesi günü ikinci barış turunu düzenledi.

Kıbrıslı Türk ve Kıbrıslı Rum Öğretmenler Platformu “Birleşik Kıbrıs” (Kıbrıs Rum Kesimi) ile birlikte organize edilen “ENGAGE” projesi aracılığıyla, UNDP-ACT/USAID tarafından finanse edilen “Tours for Peace” (Barış Turları) kapsamında gerçekleşen bu tura katılım oldukça yüksekti. 50’nin üzerinde katılımcının yer aldığı tur, Mağusa Suriçi Derneği’nin konukları karşılaması ve Surlariçi hakkında hazırladıkları broşurleri katılımcılara vermeleri ile başladı. Tur boyunca Mağusa’nın tarihi ve kültürel yerleri ile ilgili bilgi verildi.


About POST Research Institute

POST is a non-profit, non-political organization set up by a group of people to work for the cultural, social, and environmental betterment of Cyprus and established at 2002. Vision: To contribute towards achieving an alternative sustainable future, which comprises of an egalitarian Cypriot society, that recognizes the dignity of every living being. Mission: • On the basis of social equality/justice: o To contribute for creating an open dialogue on issues of peace education and reconciliation and working actively for the unification of the island. o To take action against gender discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression for achieving positive social transformation. o To advance, sensitize and advocate for a multicultural and diverse society in which all differences are recognized, understood and accepted. • To excel as an Institute in the execution of research and participatory action. • To strengthen research capacity in Cyprus. • To strive for ecological sustainability through the prevention of environmental degradation and destruction.
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